Classic Guitar


Back and sides on Brasilian Rosewood, (naturaly not kill aged wood) Top on Canadian Cedar or Spruce, Ebony fingerboard (scale lenght fron 640 to 655mm) goldem machine heads, bridge on Rosewood. Hand aplyied shelac is the standard finish. 51 mm wide neck at nut and lower acction setting is standard. It is made with the “ Brasilian Bossa Nova playing style” in mind.

Premium Classical

Follows the same materials description,but uses all extra quality wood selection, aged for longer periods. The internal structure is made out of a composite materials using carbon fiber and low densit wood for special sounding results. Extra volume and projection make possible greater dynamics variation. Standard neck is 53 mm wide at nut, string length up to 664mm.

For foreign orders, 50% of total value in US$ is required in advance and 50% when instrument is ready. Transportation back and forth to destination is always the buyer’s responsibility as well as transportation in the case of repairs needed under warranty conditions.

Delivery date will be set at the time of the order.
Specifications and prices may change without previous notice.